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Tax representative for IRD investigation


Taxation services
Tax representative for IRD investigation

Tax investigation, Being investigated by IRD, reasons should be as follow:

Tax return incorrectly or tax have not submitted
Bad integration of accounting system, account information incomplete
Suspect of missing tax return
Business scale expands but mismatch the reporting
Trading with the company(s) being investigated by IRD
Industry to be focally investigated and indicated to be tax escaper
Taxation investigation can be in 2 forms, Office auditing and field auditing. When your company received notice from IRD, please keep calm. We highly suggested contacting us for the preliminary verification and understanding, in usual practice, there is a pattern to be followed, we must do the best to solve all your questions.

When your company received "Notice of Assessment and Demand for Tax" (Bill of entry) and you disagree the taxation items, you must raise the ion by "Inland Revenue Ordinance" within one month of the date of issue of the bill. Otherwise, the tax listed in the bill may become the annual tax receivable, that is later when you reveal the tax can be ed before the ion period should not be levied, taxpayer still need to pay before the deadline for tax payment. Also, if taxpayer does not raise the ion, IRD reserves the right to request the assessment again.
Tax Return Services
We aimed assisting taxpayer to return the lowest tax amount. Depends on customer' s situation, we recommend the professional taxation plan and suggestion, helping our customers to develop and execute the taxation plan, periodically review and evaluate the existing plan. We are glad our clients enjoying our high quality but quality service at a reasonable price.

Content of Services

Filing Individual Tax Return, Applying for Personal Assessment and Tax Allowances;
Filing Corporation' s Profits Tax Return, Computation of Proposed Tax and Schedules;
Filing Property Tax Return;
Filing Employers' Return;
Lodging ion against Tax Estimation or Applying for Extension;
Assisting clients to handle the Tax Enquires, On-site Visit and Tax Investigation;
Handling issues of Tax Litigation;
Providing Tax Planning and Advices.